This was the second time I volunteered with AVIC. Both times were amazing experiences. The first time was Thailand and this most recent time was in Costa Rica.

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Name: Helen geneieve Project: : Community Education
From: United States Age: 27

I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica I have seen pictures I even did a school report on the country when I was in 5th grade. Ever since I did the school project it was on my list of countries I wanted to travel to.

After my experience in Thailand I knew I wanted to do another AVIC program. When I saw that Costa Rica was a AVIC destination I knew I had to do it.

Costa Rica was and amazing experience from the very first moment getting picked up by Ligia at the airport. Instantly I felt comfortable. She brought us to our home let us settle in and we had a very enjoyable dinner. We were given an orientation of the town plus some Costa Rican history which was amazing. Ligia was also a very good tour guide in helping us plan our weekend get always. Since we work till Thursday I recommend traveling Thursday to Sundays around the country.

The community project was a lot fun. It was summer time so at first there were not that many children but as word got around it was not long before there was a line out the door of children waiting for us to arrive with our arts and crafts projects.

Overall one week was not enough time for this project but since I am a masters level student I only had my winter break available so I would recommend more but a week is still a great experience.

I will definatly do another AVIC project in the future.